Dar Alnayfa

Dar Alnayfa

Dar Alnayfa is the brainchild of a Saudi designer based in Bahrain. Our label focuses on making classic and sophisticated modest wear, to cater the modern and posh women.

black abaya with designed slee...

AED 450

black abaya with removable tul...

AED 400

11% OFF
black abaya with folak design ...

AED 400 AED 450

10% OFF
Black abaya embroidered with s...

AED 450 AED 500

DA014 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a textur...

AED 600

DA0013 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a sheer ...

AED 600

30% OFF
DA011 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a pleate...

AED 350 AED 500

27% OFF
DA010 Abaya
Black abaya in a classic cut, ...

AED 400 AED 550

DA008 Abaya
Color block abaya with batwing...

AED 500

Block Abaya
Black and Blue colorblock abay...

AED 650

DA007 Abaya
Black/Teal colorblock abaya wi...

AED 600

DA006 Abaya
Black patterned abaya with flo...

AED 650