Dikishane design

Dikishane design

Dikishane design is a Bahrain-based brand offering stylish and comfortable modest clothing for the modern women. At Dikishane, we promise to deliver high quality items at an affordable price point.

Plain velvet
A Dikishane classic daily velv...

AED 390

Chic Black
A classic plain black linen ab...

AED 470

12% OFF
Sky blue abaya
Sky blue open oversized bisht ...

AED 520 AED 590

4% OFF
Red dress
Red evening dress with square ...

AED 770 AED 800

Gray abaya
Double klosh abaya featuring a...

AED 495

Black abaya
Double klosh abaya featuring a...

AED 495

Cotton candy
Lavender set featuring an over...

AED 850

44% OFF
Pink vs orange
a 2-piece set of orchid pink s...

AED 420 AED 750

Classy Collar
Rosewood silk abaya with embel...

AED 590

Off white Abaya
A classy off white open abaya ...

AED 620

Collared Abaya
Light blue collared abaya, wit...

AED 590

White floral
Eggshell white abaya with flor...

AED 490