Crafted to perfection for the fashion forward women, Dmanteau is an exclusive abaya brand that makes classic and modern abayas. Every abaya of Dmanteau is a story itself, made from the finest high-quality fabrics.

DM87 Abaya
Black textured abaya in a clas...

AED 1250

DM86 Abaya
Black A-line abaya with off wh...

AED 1400

DM85 Abaya
Black casual daily abaya featu...

AED 950

DM84 Abaya
Black A-line abaya featuring a...

AED 1350

DM83 Abaya
Black A-line Abaya featuring a...

AED 1500

DM82 Luxe Abaya
Black A-line Abaya featuring a...

AED 1700

DM81 Abaya
Black collared abaya featuring...

AED 1350

DM80 Abaya
Floral textured Abaya with puf...

AED 1300

10% OFF
DM075 Abaya
Classic cut black abaya featur...

AED 1170 AED 1300

15% OFF
DM074 Abaya
Black everyday wrap abaya feat...

AED 807 AED 950

10% OFF
DM072 Abaya
Black triple layered chiffon a...

AED 1440 AED 1600

10% OFF
DM071 Abaya
Black double layered chiffon a...

AED 1305 AED 1450

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