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Dress & Co

Comfortable and chic modest collection for your daily & special occasions needs.

8% OFF
Crepe maxi
faether details

AED 550 AED 600

47% OFF
Tafta dress Ready to ship
Tafta dress
Tafta double line tassels neck...

AED 500 AED 950

Light chiffon Sold out
Light chiffon
faether sleeves maxi dress

AED 550

Light chiffon
beaded lace maxi dress

AED 550

20% OFF
Casual dress Ready to ship
Casual dress
Casual Long Wear

AED 320 AED 400

6% OFF
Wide Cut abaya
Wide Cut abaya Slit sleeve det...

AED 750 AED 800

18% OFF
Daily Pleated
Daily Pleated abaya

AED 450 AED 550

27% OFF
Puff Sleeves Sold out
Puff Sleeves
puff sleeves sand pink x black

AED 550 AED 750

20% OFF
tow piece dress
Open sides - two piece dress O...

AED 760 AED 950

30% OFF
Tafta button
Silk tafta buttoned down dres...

AED 525 AED 750

20% OFF
silk tafta
silk tafta dress with beaded t...

AED 760 AED 950

19% OFF
cape dress
silk tafta cape dress with bea...

AED 765 AED 950