F.N lounge

F.N lounge

F.N Lounge is an Emarati brand coming from Abu Dhabi by two local designers who showcase their passion in creating modern abyas. F.N Lounge thrive in creating exquisite, trendy, unique and vibrant abaya designs with an artistic appeal for all fashion lovers.

AW20/28 Abaya
Classic beige crepe modest aba...

AED 950

AW10/8 Abaya
Beautiful blush pink abaya in ...

AED 625

AW20/9 Abaya
Chic and luxurious taffeta sil...

AED 1610

AW20/56 Handbag
A tweed knot bag in grey - blu...

AED 400

AW20/59 Bag
A leather knot bag in camel co...

AED 400

AW20/57 Bag
A beautiful knot bag in emeral...

AED 400

AW20/58 Bag
A beautiful knot bag in navy b...

AED 400

AW20/55 Bag
A beautiful knot bag in tweed ...

AED 400

AW20/54 Bag
A beautiful knot bag in tweed ...

AED 400

AW20/53 Abaya
Stunning brown taffeta abaya i...

AED 1350

AW20/52 Abaya
Creamy flowing cape abaya in t...

AED 1400

AW20/51 Abaya
Sleek straight cut abaya in da...

AED 1460

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