We design your perfect Khaleeji outfits for any season or occasion.

HAK04 Abaya
Brown Fancy bisht with shawl c...

AED 700

HAK03 Abaya
Simple gold bisht abaya with b...

AED 570

HAK02 Abaya
Green coat abaya with built-in...

AED 720

HAK01 Abaya
Simple white abaya with shawl ...

AED 600

AB06 Abaya
Black abaya with organza overl...

AED 660

AB05 Abaya
Black Bisht Abaya in a classic...

AED 400

AB03 Abaya
Brown Bahrini-style abaya

AED 500

AB01 Abaya
Black abaya with collar, with ...

AED 450

AB04 Abaya
Black Abaya with contrast simp...

AED 600

Brown lines
Abaya with lines in the back

AED 700

Special Evening
Fancy dress in green

AED 600

linen set
a set of pant and shirt

AED 340