Style and affordability all rolled into one, Jeewear is a new modest clothing line with one of a kind designs and unique details.

23% OFF
J84 Not available
Glitter occasion abaya without...

AED 400 AED 520

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J85 Not available
Occasion Abaya with Sheila wit...

AED 490 AED 660

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J53 Abaya Not available
J53 Abaya
Black velvet with tulle trimmi...

AED 450 AED 490

J52 Bisht Abaya Not available
J52 Bisht Abaya
Exquisite bisht abaya with a m...

AED 380

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J51 Chic Abaya Not available
J51 Chic Abaya
Elegant abaya with lace and fe...

AED 420 AED 460

J50 Abaya
Casual olive abaya with headsc...

AED 390

J49 Daily Abaya
Sleek and sophisticated daily ...

AED 380

J48 Abaya
Black casual abaya with pleate...

AED 390

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J47 Coat Abaya Not available
J47 Coat Abaya
Ecru and beige blazer abaya wi...

AED 380 AED 440

J46 Abaya
Black flounce tiered abaya wit...

AED 490

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Blazer abaya with sheila

AED 320 AED 380

Tow faced abaya with sheila

AED 400