At Kencho, fashion and convenience go hand in hand. We push boundaries of traditional womenswear and find beauty in relaxed generous silhouettes that catch the eye with the richness if their fabric and form. Our clothes don't restrain you - they instead give you the freedom to explore the beauty of what you are wearing. Fabric selection is at the heart of our design process. We are mindful of quality, textures and sustainability, thats why natural material like linen and cotton are on top of our choices.

40% OFF
Linen Dress
White Linen Dress - Maxi Lengt...

AED 350 AED 580

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Linen Abaya
White linen Abaya - daily abay...

AED 380 AED 1050

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Daily Kaftan
Daily, Casual, oversized , one...

AED 250 AED 500

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Black gry Abaya
Work, casual, daily abaya - 10...

AED 750 AED 1350

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Night dress
Evening Soiree Dress Kaftan - ...

AED 850 AED 1850

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Linen Set
Linen set - Travel Set - Olive...

AED 850 AED 1600

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Casual Kaftan
Daily Casual Work Kaftan - Cov...

AED 320 AED 830

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Linen Set
Irish Linen travel set , daily...

AED 850 AED 1600

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Linen Kaftan
White linen dress ,100% Irish...

AED 899 AED 1750

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white Abaya
100% Cotton -Work daily casual...

AED 550 AED 1175

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White Linen Set
Wide Cropped top with short sl...

AED 650 AED 1100

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casual abaya
Casual Daily Work Summer Organ...

AED 399 AED 830