Style is a jigsaw puzzle waiting to be solved. Each top, trouser and accessory is a piece of a personal puzzle every woman tries to figure out. But where does the Hijab fit into this intricate riddle? Should the Hijab just be an extra piece or is it the missing piece? That's what Luxy Hijab aims to solve. We want to be the missing piece to the puzzle that is modern Muslim fashion.

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Silky C. Navy Ready to ship
Silky C. Navy
Introducing our Silk Chiffon H...

AED 129 AED 149

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Sparkle White Ready to ship
Sparkle White
Introducing our Sparkle Light ...

AED 120 AED 135

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Instant Gray Ready to ship
Instant Gray
Instant Hijab in Gray color. H...

AED 109 AED 150

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Underscarf Box Ready to ship
Underscarf Box
Experience The Classic Undersc...

AED 199 AED 320

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Beige Jersey Ready to ship
Beige Jersey
Stretchy Jersey Hijab crafted ...

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CoralPink Hijab Ready to ship
CoralPink Hijab
Lusciously smooth, Silk Chiffo...

AED 125 AED 135

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Modal L Beige Ready to ship
Modal L Beige
Cotton Modal Hijab in Light Be...

AED 109 AED 149

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Modal Navy Ready to ship
Modal Navy
Cotton Modal Hijab in Navy Col...

AED 109 AED 149

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Lilac Dress Ready to ship
Lilac Dress
White Lilac Dress is rendered ...

AED 299 AED 395

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Rose Blush Ready to ship
Rose Blush
A light, soft hijab in Eleganc...

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Harmony Tones Ready to ship
Harmony Tones
A light, soft hijab in Eleganc...

AED 119 AED 150

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Modal Dark Gray Ready to ship
Modal Dark Gray
Cotton Modal Hijab in Dark Gra...

AED 109 AED 149