Here at Mamlakat, we focus on producing artistic Jalabiyas. Under the supervision of our tailoring experts, each dress comes to life thanks to more than 4000 meticulously hidden stitches made by hand. With the manual skill as its pivot, Mamlakat dresses caresses the body lightly and molds the silhouette with absolute precision. In this process of crafting, Mamlakat Tailors work with each client to create unique masterpieces in a harmonious dialog between body, personality, needs, and desires.

Hoodie Kaftan
Jalabiya dress with a hoodie, ...

AED 449

Zara Silk Flora
Stunning printed silk jalabiya...

AED 549

Barbie Kaftan
Gorgeous crepe kaftan in white...

AED 579

Blue Crystal
Gorgeous light blue Maghrabi, ...

AED 479

Floral Zara
Gorgeous printed silk kaftan f...

AED 529

White Crepe
Gorgeous Kaftan designed and c...

AED 499

Double Floral
Beautiful modest dress featuri...

AED 479

Royal Maghrabhi
Gorgeous kaftan featuring a lu...

AED 849

White Shimmer
White shimmery kaftan featurin...

AED 479

Farasha Kaftan
Intricate kaftan featuring a d...

AED 799

Satin Kaftan
Satin kaftan featuring an intr...

AED 429

Chiffon Kaftan
Light blue kaftan, with satin ...

AED 549

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