Maysson is a company that exists for the love of fashion and luxury goods. We believe in empowering individuality and being unique. The brand originally started with womenswear designs melding classic silhouettes with modern style channelling contemporary trends from Mediterranean and Middle Eastern heritage. The founder and creative director Dr.Maysson Al Otaiba later created comfortable and unique pieces for children's daily wear. Recently, Maysson launched a oud line which is the new exclusive addition to the Maysson Limited umbrella, an infusion of luxury gems from the Arabian culture heritage with a complimentary touch to your day-to-day contemporary or traditional look.

KohKong Cambodi
Koh Kong oud has a sweet and f...

AED 307

Hindi Dugga
Dugga oud has a strong and swe...

AED 415

Hojari Luban
Hojari Superior Luban: a very ...

AED 145

Al Malaki
Perfumed Oud: A homemade blend...

AED 190