Miana Abayas

Miana Abayas

Miana Abayas is an online Bahraini fashion company that offers a wide selection of modern, unique and colorful Khaleeji abayas.

RM’23 Abaya
Black abaya with golden embroi...

AED 599

RM’23 Black Sold out
RM’23 Black
Black abaya with embellished t...

AED 400

LM22 Abaya
Brown abaya with contrast fron...

AED 470

M147 Bisht
Navy bisht abaya with embellis...

AED 555

Classy Abaya
2-toned black and light pink w...

AED 570

M07 Abaya
Black abaya with contrast whit...

AED 330

Modern Abaya
2-toned black and light violet...

AED 450

Casual Abaya
Black linen abaya with white t...

AED 350

Daily Abaya
Crepe abaya, comes with a a ma...

AED 300

M17 Abaya
Classy white abaya with brown ...

AED 400

M137 Abaya
Black wrap drape abaya with em...

AED 400

M117 Abaya
Black & White drape abaya with...

AED 450