MKQ Abayas

MKQ Abayas

MKQ ABAYAS is a Bahraini based fashion brand. MKQ is committed to providing ladies with affordable and quality garments by following up to date fashion trends.

17% OFF
Copper color abaya with contra...

AED 500 AED 600

27% OFF
Black Tie Dye
Black abaya with contrasting t...

AED 400 AED 550

23% OFF
Ombre Abaya
Modern abaya with ombre effect...

AED 500 AED 650

Swirl Abaya
Black abaya with contrasting s...

AED 550

Navy Ruffles
Black abaya with gathered navy...

AED 500

Olive Green
Minimal abaya look with bubble...

AED 500

Modern Nomad
Navy blue abaya with contrasti...

AED 650

20% OFF
Navy Metallic
Navy metallic abaya with scrun...

AED 400 AED 500

30% OFF
Blue Abaya
Elegant blue abaya with embell...

AED 350 AED 500

Bubble Abaya
Black abaya with contrasting b...

AED 500

27% OFF
Tie Dye Abaya
Blue abaya with contrasting ti...

AED 400 AED 550

Linen Abaya
Navy linen abaya with embroide...

AED 600