Noor Designs

Noor Designs

Noor designs is an inspirational and design innovation through fashion. Influinced by the fusion of traditional and sub- cultural styles.

Omri Abaya
Black Abaya with Emerald Green...

AED 650

BG105 Abaya
Black Abaya with colorful patc...

AED 780

A black open-front draped Bish...

AED 400

BC102 Abaya
Luxurious Black open-front aba...

AED 980

BW100 Abaya
Black and White open-front aba...

AED 830

Jeans Abaya
Denim open-front abaya featuri...

AED 680

PW89 Abaya
Purple and white colorblock ab...

AED 700

Black and White
Black and White colorblock aba...

AED 700

B&P Touch Abaya
Black futuristic abaya featuri...

AED 750

Classy Rose
Dusty rose open-front mullet-s...

AED 650

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