Patron Design

Patron Design

Patron Design is a Ready-To-Wear brand. Our creations are simple, unique and exclusive. The fabrics used are of high quality and carefully selected to provide the exclusive and delicate wearable artwork.

Floral print
Floral Satin kaftan with with ...

AED 600

Cold shoulder
Pink satin kaftan with organza...

AED 550

Pink feather
Crepe chiffon pink dress with ...

AED 800

10% OFF
taffeta abaya coat style

AED 675 AED 750

10% OFF
green Taffeta Abaya with match...

AED 630 AED 700

10% OFF
Rose Gold
Double layer organza with meta...

AED 720 AED 800

10% OFF
Flower Bloom
Double layer organza embroider...

AED 900 AED 1000

10% OFF
Bias Dress
Bias Dress with sleeves and yo...

AED 540 AED 600

10% OFF
Floral Dress
Floral mesh dress in baby pink...

AED 585 AED 650

10% OFF
Polka Dot Dress
Tulle polka dot dress black co...

AED 675 AED 750

10% OFF
Wrap Dress
Satin crepe wrap dress in gold...

AED 810 AED 900