Inspired by fashion from around the world, BY.NILOO Collection brings in a collection of Abayas and modest fashion with a blend of haute couture making every piece a work of art on its own.

pesian print 1
Multi-colored Persian print ab...

AED 680

persian patern
Multi-colored Persian print ab...

AED 680

Fashion abaya
Black abaya featuring an ombre...

AED 500

Leaves Abaya
Black wedding abaya featuring ...

AED 755

Toor shine
Multi-colored abaya featuring ...

AED 620

Mix Color Abaya
Pink and mauve velvet textured...

AED 650

19% OFF
Metallic brown
Beige and brown colorblock aba...

AED 550 AED 680

PU, 009 Abaya
Organza abaya with abstract ci...

AED 900

6% OFF
Japanese black
Japanese-inspired black abaya ...

AED 750 AED 800

21% OFF
Black T006
Japanese-inspired abaya with d...

AED 950 AED 1200

Black 002 Abaya
Black taffeta and tulle abaya ...

AED 750

elegant black
Black Taffeta and organza abay...

AED 850

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