Salma's Collections

Salma's Collections

An exquisite collection inspired by nature, unique and exclusive, with a lot of attention to detail. Elite designs embellished with finest Swarovski crystals, gemstones and handmade embroidery. Salma’s collection adds that bold feminism in its dresses.

Flowery Wave
Detailed turquoise flowers han...

AED 1250

Parallel Lines
Two parallel lines hand sequen...

AED 1350

Zig Zag Buttons
Cherry blossoms come to life w...

AED 1350

Colorful Flames
All the colors in the world on...

AED 1100

Red Flower
3-piece Top, skirt and belt se...

AED 4150

Orange Waves
Patterned party dress with emp...

AED 950

Party Dress
Light blue princess party dres...

AED 6500

Scarlet Crystal
Neon Coral Party dress with ke...

AED 2250

Dark Teal party dress with bac...

AED 2150

White Emerald
Hand embellished off white par...

AED 3300

Red Glory
Red A-Line modest dress, adorn...

AED 1200

Colored Flowers
Teal A-Line modest dress adorn...

AED 850