Salma's Collections

Salma's Collections

An exquisite collection inspired by nature, unique and exclusive, with a lot of attention to detail. Elite designs embellished with finest Swarovski crystals, gemstones and handmade embroidery. Salma’s collection adds that bold feminism in its dresses.

Colorful Wings
Modest midi dress featuring a ...

AED 1200

Flowery Branch
A baby pink crepe material wit...

AED 1000

Flower Slit
A beautiful tiffany crepe mode...

AED 960

Turquoise modest dress featuri...

AED 1050

Thread Flowers
Off white modest dress adorned...

AED 1150

Pink Gate
Exquisite pink modest dress fe...

AED 2150

Camel beige dress with puffed ...

AED 1900

Pistachio dress featuring an I...

AED 1750

Dream Catcher
Inspired by dream catchers, th...

AED 1550

Zig Zag
Crepe material with 3D floral ...

AED 1670

Hula Hoop
This dropwaist dress features ...

AED 1900

Under The Sea
Inspired by nature under water...

AED 1900

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