Schon Abaya

Schon Abaya

The beauty of the traditional Bahraini craftsmanship reflects on our designs with added elegance and pure chicness.

16 Abaya
Silver grey bisht abaya with e...

AED 540

15 abaya
Black abaya with embellished t...

AED 430

14 Abaya
Black silk Abaya with sheila

AED 380

13 Abaya
Blue bisht abaya with ruched s...

AED 350

12 Abaya
Black abaya with hand-embroide...

AED 350

11 Abaya
Black embellished abaya with t...

AED 420

10 Abaya
Black abaya with embroidered t...

AED 290

09 Abaya
Black embroidered abaya with r...

AED 320

08 Abaya
Grey pear-embellished abaya wi...

AED 380

07 Abaya
Black abaya with embellished t...

AED 380

06 Abaya
Black & pink two-toned abaya w...

AED 310

05 Abaya
Dark Green abaya with vented s...

AED 350