Suzy style

Suzy style

Suzy Style is a home-grown Emirati brand specializing in traditional modest wear with modern flair. Each piece is carefully designed for the meticulously chic and stylish woman.

جلابيه حرير مع نشل تور مفصص وش...

AED 600

Red Jalabiya
Free size jalabiya with embell...

AED 420

Blue Jalabiya
Free size jalabiya with embell...

AED 420

Silk Jalabiya
Silk jalabiya with exquisite c...

AED 480

A free size traditional jelabi...

AED 450

Moroccan Kaftan
Colored Moroccan satin dress w...

AED 380

Soft Dress
Stunning long satin dress bead...

AED 500

Orange Dress
Orange V-neck modest dress fea...

AED 350

Brown Dress
Brown V-neck modest dress feat...

AED 350

Grey Dress
Grey sheer embroidered overlay...

AED 420

Overlay Dress
Matte gold modest dress with s...

AED 400

Moroccan Jalaba
Mustard yellow dotted pater Mo...

AED 390