The 66 line

The 66 line

Aesthetically pleasing and chic, The 66 line is designed with passion, where all pieces have a story to tell.

Black &blue
Black abaya with contrast blue...

AED 580

Beige Abaya 2
Taupe Abaya with contrast yell...

AED 550

Taupe Abaya
Taupe Abaya with contrast burg...

AED 550

DarkGreen Abaya
Dark Green abaya with contrast...

AED 550

Silver Abaya
Silver grey abaya with contras...

AED 550

EID4 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a tassel...

AED 1000

EID3 Abaya
Black sheer organza abaya with...

AED 950

Eid2 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a delica...

AED 1200

EID 1 Abaya
Black sheer dotted organza aba...

AED 900

Joy3 Abaya
Stylish colorblock abaya featu...

AED 800

Joy2 Bead Abaya
Black abaya featuring a multic...

AED 750

Joy1 BlackAbaya
Black abaya featuring a diagon...

AED 700