The Twins Abayas

The Twins Abayas

Twins abayas is an Emirati brand by Aisha Burqaiba, established since 2006. It is a retail establishment that sells modest clothing custom made and carefully curated to provide our customers with the latest fashion and trends.

Code-641 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a pleate...

AED 1800

Code-654 Cape
Cape Cover abaya for special o...

AED 1800

653 Black Abaya Ready to ship
653 Black Abaya
Black abaya featuring a flowy...

AED 2500

code-647 Abaya
Black sheer abaya featuring a ...

AED 2000

Code- 645 Abaya
Gorgeous chiffon and tulle aba...

AED 2200

Code-634 Abaya
Black abaya featuring a sheer ...

AED 1700

Code-646 Ready to ship
Black sheer embellished Weddin...

AED 2500

Code-651 Abaya Ready to ship
Code-651 Abaya
Gorgeous black sheer tulle wed...

AED 2400

Classy black abaya featuring a...

AED 1900

Black luxe tulle wedding abaya...

AED 2300

Classic abaya with hem slits f...

AED 1400

Navy Blue abaya featuring a pl...

AED 1400