Maryam Alsuwaidi

8% OFF
Code:s30 Abaya
Blue grey abaya with chic cont...

AED 550 AED 600

Beige set
3-piece crepe set that include...

AED 790

Besht style abaya

AED 450

40% OFF
Elegant abaya with beautiful j...

AED 320 AED 530

Olive abaya Not available
Olive abaya
Olive Green abaya with knotted...

AED 850

Turquoise Abaya
Turquoise embroidered abaya wi...

AED 420

Grey and navy
Two colored linen abaya is the...

AED 320

Green Abaya
Muted Green linen Abaya with h...

AED 370

06 Abaya
black abaya with Bisht cut emb...

AED 350

Brown Abaya Not available
Brown Abaya
Light brown ribbed abaya with ...

AED 360

No 1004 Abaya Not available
No 1004 Abaya
Bluish-gray abaya with contras...

AED 990

Abaya Code S15
Classy Casual Abaya

AED 650

Teal Abaya
Teal abaya with collar featuri...

AED 699

2 Piece Abaya
Grey two-piece set that includ...

AED 370

Purple Bisht
Purple oversized bisht abaya w...

AED 350

Grey modern abaya with black c...

AED 520

Abaya Set
1-piece Set of Grey Shimmer Ab...

AED 270

Green Abaya
MOiSTREET Embellished Abaya wi...

AED 360

MALIKA GREEN Ready to ship
Elegant kaftan with embellishe...

AED 790

Sahara Kaftan
Colorful boat neck kaftan with...

AED 650

42% OFF
SS20 L-K005
Crepe kaftan with embellished ...

AED 1395 AED 2390

50% OFF
SS20 D-K007
Relaxed fit two-toned linen ka...

AED 150 AED 300

50% OFF
SS20 LKS-D003 Not available
SS20 LKS-D003
Crepe Kaftan with embellished ...

AED 618 AED 1235

15% OFF
Girl's Jalabiya
Girl's orange sleeveless jalab...

AED 550 AED 650

Style018 Kaftan
beige Moroccan Junior's kaftan...

AED 350

50% OFF
SS20 DKS-K001
Black & white printed cotton w...

AED 125 AED 250

cloud 9 Ready to ship
cloud 9
Elegant and charming raw silk ...

AED 575

Yellow fringes Not available
Yellow fringes
Light weight breezy yellow cre...

AED 560

Kaftan Not available
Yellow caftan

AED 550

Linen Kaftan
P1M9 - Linen embroidered kafta...

AED 550

Amaal Not available
Dual colored Kaftan in harir m...

AED 550

CW024 Not available
modern everyday wear Jalabia

AED 550

modern everyday wear Jalabia

AED 550

modern everyday wear Jalabia

AED 550

FW5B Kaftan
Tan bubble cotton kaftan with ...

AED 540

24% OFF
KD2875PB Ready to ship
powderblue Hoodie jalabiya wi...

AED 390 AED 510

Linen Kaftan
P2M1- Linen embroidered kaftan...

AED 500

18% OFF
Ramadan Set 02
Yellow linen set featuring a b...

AED 450 AED 550

Silk kaftan
Silk kaftan with lace

AED 350

Moroccan kaftan Not available
Moroccan kaftan
Mauve Crepe Moroccan kaftan

AED 340

Laila Kaftan Ready to ship
Laila Kaftan
Midi length V neck Kaftan with...

AED 300

High-Low Kaftan Not available
High-Low Kaftan
This antique green poly chiffo...

AED 246

25% OFF
Tropical Self Printed Kaftan M...

AED 150 AED 200

Rust kaftan featuring a flounc...

AED 185

Kaftan with Tulle bows on slee...

AED 900

S003 Kaftan
Dainty and feminine pink kafta...

AED 850

35% OFF
Two-tone kaftan Ready to ship
Two-tone kaftan
Two-toned V-neck kaftan featur...

AED 550 AED 850

33% OFF
Exquisite chiffon crepe two to...

AED 600 AED 900

28% OFF
MD-77 Jalabiya Not available
MD-77 Jalabiya
Lime green formal Jalabiya fea...

AED 650 AED 900

SK-004 Not available
Laser-Cut orange kaftan looks ...

AED 920

Maroon Kaftan with pearls on t...

AED 950

LINA Ready to ship
Moroccan kaftan embellished wi...

AED 980

Light blue kaftan with embelli...

AED 960

Silk Kaftan
Silk kaftan embellished with t...

AED 999

Green Kaftan
Apple green silk kaftan embell...

AED 999

10% OFF
Linen kaftan Ready to ship
Linen kaftan
Beige linen kaftan with dress

AED 900 AED 1000

20% OFF
Floral embroidery cape sleeve

AED 880 AED 1100

Silk Crystals
Grey Silk Kaftan / Organza sle...

AED 1100

17% OFF
RC: 29 Ready to ship
RC: 29
2 pieces | Handmade Moroccan J...

AED 1000 AED 1200

33% OFF
Larimar Dress Ready to ship
Larimar Dress
Larimar Dress-Kaftan

AED 800 AED 1200

20% OFF
WHITE MOON Not available
White linen set that includes ...

AED 1680 AED 2100

44% OFF
fushia dress Not available
fushia dress
fuchsias silk embroidered on t...

AED 700 AED 1250

49% OFF
Exquisite chiffon crepe purple...

AED 700 AED 1380

49% OFF
Exquisite chiffon crepe pink j...

AED 700 AED 1380

ELND Kaftan
Luxe double layered web tulle ...

AED 1500

67% OFF
Peach Not available
Peach rose organza kaftan

AED 490 AED 1500

RKC21004 Not available
Beige color shirt dress caftan...

AED 1550

50% OFF
SS21 L-K008
Silky crepe kaftan with embell...

AED 800 AED 1600

RKC21017 Not available
High neck purple caftan with b...

AED 1850

Blue oversized jalabiya with b...

AED 750

Masah Kimono Ready to ship
Masah Kimono
Golden kimono with fringes, op...

AED 1050