Ahlam Rasani

Leaves on sky
Morrocon style baby blue silk ...

AED 750

Linen abaya
Offwhite Linen with Ombre Embr...

AED 590

Tulle abaya
Reversible abaya with silver e...

AED 650

Knot bag, 14x26 cm

AED 960

g101 Abaya
Black Abaya with patterned sle...

AED 390

20% OFF
Pure Color Mesh
Swing dress maxi long off shou...

AED 4000 AED 5000

Ruffles Dress
Silver dress with tiered ruffl...

AED 1100

Royal Abaya
The Royal abaya features an op...

AED 810

Royal Chic
Royal Orange 2-piece Abaya and...

AED 750

The double side
Our classic double sided Victo...

AED 425

43% OFF
Pastel Moroccan dress detail...

AED 800 AED 1400

8% OFF
Code: 311
Florentine flows dress with fr...

AED 1100 AED 1200

2242Ab dress
long dress with buff sleeves c...

AED 450

blue abaya
Blue winter abaya with distres...

AED 632

stunning off-white maxi dress

AED 690

g1211 Abaya
Army green buttoned abaya with...

AED 805

Abaya code# S1
Black and Grey Abaya, comes wi...

AED 414

Red motif clutch elevates the ...

AED 2700

Classic vanilla
2-piece set featuring a puffed...

AED 300

Indian Silk Dress with petal a...

AED 1480

Travel Full Set
Light Blue crepe top and Plain...

AED 1750

Summer suit
To pieces , very comfortable ,...

AED 305

Beige Sunset
The Sunset collection embellis...

AED 1200

Stitches Abaya
Beige abaya with pleated panel...

AED 950

Blue rose stone
Jalabeya with stone silver and...

AED 400

full of small silver rhineston...

AED 1300

A 3-piece elegant traditional ...

AED 1500

white abaya with grey design (...

AED 500

FWA2003 Abaya
Chic colorblock abaya set feat...

AED 1680

K 104
Abaya set with under dress & s...

AED 773

B 001
Two pieces ، dress and thoub N...

AED 978

double color
An abaya that can be worn on b...

AED 800

lines Shaila
high quality lines headscarf

AED 250

Pearl Abaya
Black abaya with abstract brus...

AED 800

Smoked Oud
Smoky, Oud, Rose, Woody, Warm ...

AED 315

Silk Moroccan style dress

AED 1700

15% OFF
Seraphic is perfect for day & ...

AED 590 AED 695

Silk pleated dress with heavy ...

AED 1800

Pearlized 2-piece necklace and...

AED 400

Blue Kaftan
Long sleeve kaftan with belt

AED 750

Beige dress with gray sash, wo...

AED 360

Greige Jalabiya
Greige crepe jalabiya decorate...

AED 595

25% OFF
FG27 Abaya Set
Grey Two layered abaya with be...

AED 600 AED 800

M 218
This black abaya features a tu...

AED 800

جلابيات ناعمه

AED 780

S01 Black Abaya
Black Organza Abaya with a dou...

AED 600

Shaikha cape
Two pieces set of soft organza...

AED 780

Joory dress
Two pieces of blue organza and...

AED 870

21% OFF
A comfy and dreamy glass mid-h...

AED 130 AED 165

Layered Organza
This set includes a dress and ...

AED 495

Mocha Wrap
This set includes a dress, ski...

AED 350

Code 10
Unique abaya

AED 350

long dress
Chic beige dress featuring a w...

AED 350

ew320 Bow dress
Off white boatneck midi dress ...

AED 200

DM85 Abaya
Black casual daily abaya featu...

AED 950

DM93 Abaya
Black A-line abaya accentuated...

AED 1250

19% OFF
SS 100
Elegant Snow White hand work ...

AED 450 AED 555

34% OFF
SS 103
latte Abaya organza with dote

AED 250 AED 380

June04 Abaya
Floral Black Organza Abaya

AED 1600

June07 Dress
Blue floral dress

AED 1700

Crystal Abaya
Abaya with crystals

AED 490

Orenda is made with unique sha...

AED 1000

Onism is designed for elegant ...

AED 950

Coat abaya
Colorblock open coat coat abay...

AED 490

Tull thob
specialist kaftan cut with emb...

AED 1300

Pearle abaya
pearle abaya on the hands

AED 430

Pearl Abaya Set
Blue-grey abaya and dress set ...

AED 850

Chamois Abaya
Light brown soft chamois abaya...

AED 680

Royal Dress
The Royal dress features a fri...

AED 550

Modern abaya
Luxurious and modern abaya wit...

AED 580

#dar.ouqma M1
Navy blue jalabeya with shaila...

AED 600

6% OFF
Black abaya

AED 1500 AED 1600

Kaftan Dress
Off-white loose kaftan featuri...

AED 1680

Ecru jalabiya
Off white jalabiya featuring a...

AED 1580

6% OFF

AED 1450 AED 1550

7% OFF

AED 1400 AED 1500

Cloche Taffeta Jalabiya - Colo...

AED 460

Scarf abaya

AED 750

CE8 Gray Bag
Glittering grey leather Celeen...

AED 1900

Jewelry Set
2-piece set of Ring & Bracelet...

AED 290

Jewelry Set
2-piece set of Ring & Bracelet...

AED 300

04 Abaya
Beige abaya with wave-pattern ...

AED 680

Piped abaya
Grey Piped abaya

AED 860

Abaya Code S17
Two colors Tafta Abaya

AED 550

Kaftan Dress Combining Beaded ...

AED 1200

Simple Classy Dress with Touch...

AED 750

Brown ombré
Brown Ombré Abaya featuring an...

AED 2200

Tulle Dress

AED 750

Red dress with handmade works

AED 750

Silky Grey
A flowy abaya that is suitable...

AED 500

White Coat
An elegant and chic white coat...

AED 450

10% OFF
A002 Abaya
Grey embellished collared abay...

AED 558 AED 620

23% OFF
The Rose Parure
A lustrous gold & titanium-pla...

AED 230 AED 300

BE MRC 1006
peachy-beige satin kaftan with...

AED 1669

Crusta Desert
Exquisite Moroccan design, han...

AED 979

Beautiful set of abaya and dre...

AED 1150

Modern blue abaya with orange ...

AED 850

50% OFF
Soft and elegant blush abaya w...

AED 750 AED 1500

Silk skirt with organza top

AED 900

AK198 Abaya
Beige Abaya with wide lapelled...

AED 1400

AK225 Abaya
Grey Abaya with wide collar an...

AED 1300

Baij Abaya with dantail

AED 1200

blue reversible
Navy blue reversible shimmer a...

AED 590

25% OFF
AF11 Dress
White embroidered dress featur...

AED 700 AED 930

39% OFF
Dress with Shiny Crystals

AED 1100 AED 1800

Elegant Abaya
A very elegant abaya distingui...

AED 350

Flare Abaya
A unique abaya very nice elega...

AED 280

8% OFF
Black bisht abaya with beige e...

AED 480 AED 520

RA005 Abaya
Grey abaya with collar and wid...

AED 870

Full indian silk 2 colored aba...

AED 680

White xFeather
White Linen and pink feathers ...

AED 870

068 Dress
Net dress with heavy crystal e...

AED 1700

Two pieces silk organza

AED 780

Meera dress
Two pieces of light silk jacqu...

AED 680

Black abaya with collar and em...

AED 490

Silk dress with crystal embell...

AED 1100

Flounce Abaya
Black abaya with contrast coll...

AED 599

Beige Abaya
للمتميزين بإطلالتهم فقط ،، عبا...

AED 380

Casual Abaya
Black linen abaya with white t...

AED 350

Navy Abaya
Navy Abaya with embroidered sl...

AED 390

Blue Kaftan
Blue quarter sleeve oversized ...

AED 420

Blazer & Pants
Two-piece green blazer and pan...

AED 550

Red winter coat

AED 1100

Mood Suit
Two pieces set, winter fabric,...

AED 680

Blazer & Pants
Comfy Travel Wear ,Blazer And ...

AED 550

Travel Wear
MOiSTREET Green Shamua Fabric ...

AED 379

QQD75 Gown
Off-white gown featuring an em...

AED 515

Brocade kaftan with a featurin...

AED 250

Hag ellaila
Hag ellaila dress with colorfu...

AED 250

44% OFF
white kuwaiti jalabiya with em...

AED 250 AED 450

Hand-made 3D embroidered crepe...

AED 420

12% OFF
DRESS 2021-07
This dress is 100% handmade

AED 790 AED 900

Sherwal pant set with with lon...

AED 280

CT22R06 Kaftan
Three-quarter sleeves feature ...

AED 300

35% OFF
Black Queen Bag
Handmade embroidered black bag...

AED 293 AED 450

20% OFF
CE6 Green Bag
Gorgeous green leather Celeena...

AED 1360 AED 1700

30% OFF
Twig Tote
The most wanted design, this m...

AED 1540 AED 2200

Semi Circle Bag
Maroon structured semi-circle ...

AED 170

Doctors Satchel
Italian leather bag in Black e...

AED 800

71% OFF
Beige bag
Real leather leather bag, come...

AED 1900 AED 6500

Card Holder
Beautiful baby blue Leather ba...

AED 189

CB19SG002 Bag
The Clutch Bag in Black

AED 160

Stainless steel gold plated ea...

AED 290

Linen kaftan
White linen kaftan with full e...

AED 650

Stunning 2 piece stone studded...

AED 449

White dress
Ramadhan dress with embroidery

AED 450

Casual collection

AED 800

Silk dress with classy feather

AED 990

9% OFF
Code:s111 Abaya
Black self-print abaya with co...

AED 490 AED 540

| Z001 | Abaya
Black abaya with contrast whit...

AED 400

18% OFF
Reversible Abay
Reversible double-sided Abaya....

AED 700 AED 850

Classic Abaya
Beautiful colored abaya with a...

AED 580

Light peach kuwaiti jalabiya w...

AED 535

Pink nappa leather pointed pum...

AED 1400

57% OFF
Sleek yellow monogrammed One-s...

AED 99 AED 230

Signature ring
Signature arabic letter ring m...

AED 370

Name necklace
Elegant customized arabic name...

AED 460

Cambodian Oud
Special Cambodian Oud from Nas...

AED 165

Malaysian oud
Malaysian Oud Oil (0.25 tola)

AED 200

15% OFF
Twig Tote
The most wanted design, this m...

AED 1870 AED 2200

23% OFF
R2212 - Sofia
Soft Organza threads dress wit...

AED 1150 AED 1500

A simple and elegant daily aba...

AED 450

Abaya Set
1-piece Set of Grey Shimmer Ab...

AED 270

Besht style abaya

AED 450

25% OFF
Cozy and Chic, our Half-Half c...

AED 295 AED 395

04 blouse
Light pink blouse with ruched ...

AED 475

40% OFF
| Z007 | Blazer
Pale green blazer with notched...

AED 150 AED 250

Pink Shawl
Pleated waist and shawl make t...

AED 1000

Look 0521 Dress
Modest patterned dress featuri...

AED 800

H02 Dress set
Classy white dress set that in...

AED 800

Shaikha dress
Two pieces of pink organza wit...

AED 650

17% OFF
Bronze Abaya
Bronze Abaya features a straig...

AED 490 AED 590